International Conference on Application of Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Sustainability


Organized by

Global Scientific Research Services

Conference on
December 29th and 30th, 2023

Avoid Plagiarism

Full Paper Submission: 20th Dec. 2023. Acceptance Notification: 25th Dec. 2023

Call for papers but not limited to


This conference team welcomes papers from the thrust areas of advances of intelligent systems and its applications. Potential topics include but are not limited to the following,

  • Application of artificial intelligence methods on smart renewable energy management
  • Application of artificial models for sustainable energy efficiency in microgrids
  • Applications of Intelligent systems in industrial automation
  • Green Technology
  • Energy storage devices for smart building energy management
  • Optimal operation of energy management system in smart building based renewable energy sources
  • Smart monitoring, and optimization of energy consumption
  • Optimal solution models of environment and economic impacts in microgrids based optimization methods
  • Emerging trends and applications of hybrid AI and ML in renewable energy system
  • Fundamental and applications of artificial intelligence in renewable energy sources
  • Future research perspectives of the implication of AI in the renewable energy systems
  • Enabling technologies for AI application in renewable energy systems
  • Bio energy system modelling
  • Architecture for Intelligent systems
  • Protocols for Intelligent systems
  • Advanced and cleaner energy technologies
  • Multiā€agent Systems
  • Intelligent Systems and Applications
  • Intelligent systems cognition
  • Pattern recognition using Intelligent systems
  • Environmental analysis
  • IoT and Nano sensors
  • Role of Intelligent systems in smart environments
  • Intelligent control systems